Teleflex T3060

Výroba tohto produktu ukončená

  • Fully equipped reflectometer with cursor, gain, and range adjustment
  • High-contrast 5.7’’ TFT color display (640 x 480 pixel), with LED backlight
  • Single-phase ARM input with ICE, Decay and Trigger
  • AC or battery operated (up to 3 hours battery life)
Based on the same hardware and software we successfully used for our cable fault location systems EZ Thump and Smart Thump, the new Teleflex T 3060 reflectometer is designed to provide the user with a cross-system operational concept.
The new Teleflex T 3060 can be used as a battery-operated stand-alone unit, or in combination with small, portable systems. The device can be used in the following modes:
  • EasyGo Mode: automatic operation and measurement evaluation
  • Stey by step Mode: supports the learning of the fault location process while using different systems
  • Expert Mode: complete range of commands and functions of a Teleflex reflectometer. The user can create a customized menu structure with up to 20 functions.
Teleflex T 3060 supports ARM, Decay and ICE. �