Modular system for fault location, testing and diagnosis

Produktová dokumentácia
  • the NSF 8 mains operation panel with device selection switch, FU/EP safety system with corresponding signalisation
  • separation transformer
  • the Teleflex VX with ARMslide technology
  • SWG 1750 C surge wave generator
  • discharge and earthing module
  • BPS 5000 C HV control unit
  • DC generation of up to 80 kV DC
  • LSG 300 Arc Reflection Measurement
  • Decay prelocation
  • ICE prelocation

With the new Variant, SebaKMT has developed a new fault location system based on approved and reliable technologies.

The new Variant is designed for cable fault location as well as for testing and diagnosis.

In the development phase we considered the individual needs of our customers and focused on ergonomics, optimum system speed and user-friendliness, redundancy, and service.