VLF Connection set

Príslušenstvo pre meranie čiastkových výbojov

Produktová dokumentácia
  • Easy connection for various conditions PD-free connection for partial discharge
  • diagnosis using the single phase SF6 test adapter (TE PA-MC12/16)
  • Including silicone grease for a perfect testing pre-arrangement

The VLF-connection set ensures that the VLF measuring equipment is properly attached to the device under test through a safe and tight connection. The VLF-connection set consists of either a 3-phase pliers adapter or a 3-phase SF6 adapter.

While the pliers adapter can be used for many testing arrangements, the SF6 adapter is especially useful for connecting the measuring cable to elbow connectors. Furthermore the SF6 adapter can be supplied in two different sizes (M12 and M16) for the exible adoption to different elbow connectors.

Moreover all single phase adapters are suitable for establishing a PD-free connection during Partial Discharge diagnosis.